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ZRA Invoice Integration – Our Experience

What started as a by the way project, in 2019 became one of the lifeline solutions for our business. Like every other project, we want to ensure that we put in our A-game in everything we do. Along the way, we pick up so many lessons. Technology solutions are never short of fun and frustrations … Read more

Android Screen Mirroring

It is always great for a developer to showcase the product that they have developed. Most of the time we find ourselves in front of multiple screens, including developer enabled test devices. There comes a time that you have to face human beings! Of late we have been developing a lot of nifty tools on … Read more

Angular – Prettier and ESLint

We all want to write and especially review code that is consistently formatted and most importantly bug-free. This is where the combination of Prettier and ESLint comes in for Angular. There are a couple of other options out there and Google should be of help. ESLint goes through your project code and finds problems and … Read more